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The twins.

These are from last Christmas & aren't the best but I have been slacking on the pictures lately. Should be getting some back from the developers tomorrow though.

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My rats!

Hi! I'm Aspen. I am a devoted rat owner/slash writer. Pre-HBP, I always wrote Blaise Zabini as having two rats, named Ziggy and Stardust, that spied on people for him and reported back.

My rats are named Felicity and Attica! They're little dumbo girls, but you can mostly just tell with Felicity because she really looks like she could fly away on her ears. They're the fourth and fifth rats I've had, and yamapea thinks they're well-behaved, but that's just in comparison to her Mafia Rats, I think!

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I hope you all post pictures of your rats! *_*
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Welcome to theratpack, a place for fandomers who love (and own?!) pet rats! Please feel free to post anything and everything here, from pics to questions to general rat-related squee. Have fun!

And don't be dissuaded if your rat is photo shy! :))
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