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My rats!

Hi! I'm Aspen. I am a devoted rat owner/slash writer. Pre-HBP, I always wrote Blaise Zabini as having two rats, named Ziggy and Stardust, that spied on people for him and reported back.

My rats are named Felicity and Attica! They're little dumbo girls, but you can mostly just tell with Felicity because she really looks like she could fly away on her ears. They're the fourth and fifth rats I've had, and yamapea thinks they're well-behaved, but that's just in comparison to her Mafia Rats, I think!

This is Felicity. Felicity (I call her Miss Liss)'s sort of blind, so she's very careless and goes around happy and ignorant. She bites if you try and put your fingers in the cage, because she blindly assumes you are a treat, and she's kind of the dom girl in the cage. She likes to take whatever treat you give her and run off to a private place to eat it. She was chagrined when I lifted the pillow and saw her sinning with a strawberry.

Biting aside, my little cousins love her because she'll ride around on their shoulders without trying to jump off, like Attica will. That's my cousin Frankie, who's like eight, gettin' some sweet Lissy lovin'.

This is Attica! She's an anxious little critter. At first she was a real daredevil, but as she's grown and Felicity's bullied her, she's very scared of things now, which is rather like me. Attica and I are two of a kind.

Attica's nicknames are extensive. She is often called Attica the Rattica and Attica Grammatica. I think of her sometimes as the long-suffering Arthur to Felicity's The Tick.

Aasdadas. Felicity's head. Her spider senses are telling her Attica is getting treats and she's not.

I hope you all post pictures of your rats! *_*
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