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Hello! I'm Pea.


Aspen is nearly impossible to photograph. She is a speed demon and troublemaker, constantly on the go go go and always pushing the limits. She makes death-defying leaps her daily mo. :| Here are typical pictures of Aspen:

She generally leaps from my shoulder/head/hands for whatever piece of furniture is closest and immediately makes a mad dash for the edge of the bed, so that she can drop to the floor and scamper across the room to harass the other rats through the bars of their cage.

Sadie and Molly

These two were rescues from a lab. They tend to not be very interested in physical activity, though they do love the wheel in their cage. Generally their favourite out-of-cage game is climbing on me or harassing/being harassed by Aspen. I affectionally call Molly "Mollywobbles" and Sadie is "Sadie the Sadist". She's drawn blood a few times in her encounters with Aspen, though I initially assumed it was Molly causing the problems. Very sneaky, that Sadie.

As I was taking these pictures, who should arrive but sweet little Aspen.

So the chaos began. I must have removed her from the cage about 8 times but she kept bouncing immediately off of wherever I set her and leaping back into the cage. Finally, she had to have some quiet time by herself, to avoid injury by the Mafia Rats.


I'm not sure why I saved her for last! But she's just so gorgeous. Here is an old pic of her, but I think it's my favourite:

I tend to cut Veronica a lot of slack, because she's Aspen's roommate. I imagine it's tough living in the same cage where Aspen is confined to. So I tend to overlook her bad habits, probably more than i should. Veronica is a huge chewer, but probably worse than that is her affection for stealing my laptop keys. Exhibit A:

Sometimes she doesn't bother running away with the pieces she's confiscated. Sometimes, she just situates herself in front of my keyboard and proceeds to rip every key from its place before scampering happily away.

She wants to follow in Aspen's footsteps, but she is too afraid. Or perhaps her depth perception is better.

Anyway, these are my sweet little girls! *_*
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